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Wire Conveyor Belts

General offers a full line of conveyor solutions in including:Ladder Belts,Flat Spiral Belts,Rod Reinforced Belts,Balanced Wire Belt,Chain Link Belts,Chain Driven Belts,Honeycomb Belts and Spiral Wire Belts.
The unique features of wire conveyor belts offer numerous benefits that increase productivity, help contain costs, and improve your overall product quality.
Material: Hot Dip Gal Wire; S.S. wire (SS304; SS304L; SS316; SS316L)
Features: Conveyor Belt is also named conveyor belting, or belt conveyor, it has the features of Heat-resisting and high carrying capacity, acid-proof and oxidation-proof.
Application: Conveyor Belt is widely used in food industry, heat-treatment line, metal treatment, powder smelting-sintering, filtering etc, some are used for decoration.

Wire Belts for Industries served include:
• Food Processing
• Electronics
• Architectural
• Pharmaceutical
• Engineering
• Agriculture
• Textiles
• Recycling
• Printing
• Automotive

wire beltwire mesh conveyor belt

conveyor beltconveyor Belt is widely used in food industry

belt conveyorwire belts for filtering

Conveyor Belt Mesh
Mesh Diameter(mm) Other Mesh Diameter(mm) Other Mesh NO./m Mesh NO./m
4 6 33(radix) 40(circle)
3.5 3.5 33(radix) 40(circle)
2.8 2.8 52(radix) 60(circle)
2 2 57(radix) 71(circle)
2.8 2.8 72(radix) 80(circle)
2.8 3 92(radix) 100(circle)
2.8 2.8 105(radix) 118(circle)
2.8 2.8 60(radix) 138(circle)
1.6 1.6 72(radix) 80(circle)
1.6 1.6 105(radix) 118(circle)
1.6 1.6 125(radix) 138(circle)
1.6 1.6 158(radix) 158(circle)
1.2 1.2 92(radix) 100(circle)
1.2 1.2 105(radix) 118(circle)
1.2 1.2 92(radix) 138(circle)
1.2 1.2 158(radix) 158(circle)
0.9 0.9 158(radix) 158(circle)