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Balanced Weave Belts

Balanced weave conveyor belts is used for the food industry, it must ensure that the appearance of cleanliness.Therefore, after the completion of the product is usually done after the cleaning process, the main method of using a special degreasing agent for pickling or electrolytic polishing.

Specification: Regular specifications are mainly 700mm, 800mm wide, but also according to customer demand for production.

Application: Balanced weave conveyor belts is usually used in the frozen food industry, is one of the essential parts of the freezer, it is different from the ordinary woven into a metal mesh belt, this mesh is made of thick wire straight stainless steel, U-shaped chain As well as stainless steel hat combination. No need for artificial weaving, mainly welding process more, balanced weave conveyor belts with a certain degree of difficulty, the need for stainless steel straight, U-shaped chain and a small hat with a solder joint welding, welding current to be adjusted to a greater extent. The welding site must be firm and firm, and the appearance should be neat and beautiful.

Balanced Weave BeltsBalanced Weave Conveyor Belts