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Plate Link Conveyors

Plate Link Conveyors can be with stainless steel, engineering plastics, carbon steel and other materials.Our specifications have variety, which are according to the transport of materials and process requirements, to meet the different needs of all walks of life.

Plate Link Conveyors mainly have chip plate link conveyors, metal plate link conveyors, conveyor chain plate, cleaning chain plate, beer with metal plate link conveyors, chip plate link conveyors, punching plate link conveyors, stainless steel plate link conveyors, carbon steel plate link conveyors, transmission plate link conveyors, engineering plastic plate link conveyors, keel plate link conveyors, and so on.

Plate link conveyors have the surface running smoothly, and not easily affected by other materials, can load heavy weight of the material, durable. According to the specific circumstances, design and production of appropriate specifications of the plate link conveyors. Commonly used plate link conveyors pitch: 31.75mm,38.1mm,50.8mm,63.5mm and 101.6mm. Plate link conveyors are compared to other belts, the cost of higher.

Application: plate link conveyors are widely used in food, canned food, beverage, cosmetics, motorcycle assembly line, animal slaughter production line, washing supplies, paper products, condiments, dairy and tobacco and other automatic transmission, distribution, and after the packaging connection.

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