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DVA One Way Vision Mesh

General manufactures DVA one way vision mesh in thickness of plate: 0.5mm, thickness of strand:1.2mm,opening: 2mmx3mm or 1mm x 3mm,especially export to Australia and New Zealand.

DVA one way vision mesh is one kind of aluminium expanded metal, also know as one way mesh, limited vision mesh or privacy mesh. Its surface finished with powder coating, colours can be black, white, green, blue, saffron yellow, silver, bronze and so on. DVA Mesh is lighter and lower cost than stainless steel and galvanized steel.

DVA Meshes'use follows as:

1.Hinged Doors
2.Sliding Doors
3.Double Doors
4.Security Screens
5.Fire Escape Exit Screens
6.Cyclone Screens.

DVA meshOne Way Vision Mesh

DVA One Way Vision MeshDVA Mesh for windows and doors

Perfect flat surface is easy to intall;
Power coated: black,grey,white,yellow.Other colors also are available;
Beautiful finish, equal aperture and no faults;
Ultra-clear visual experience and protective security;
The best security option available---provides maximum strength and maximum corrosion resistance.

1. stainless steel security mesh(AISI 316 or 304)
2. galvanized steel security mesh
3. diamond security grille
4. perforated aluminium mesh

Surface treatment: powder coated black,white,green or blue.Other colors are also available. Specification:
Thickness of plate: 0.5mm
Thickness of strand: 1.2mm
Opening: 2mm x 3mm or 1mm x 3mm
Weight: 0.86Kgs/m2

Guarantee: Ten Years.

750mm x 2000mm (2200mm,2400mm or 3000mm)
820mm x 2000mm (2200mm,2400mm or 3000mm)
825mm x 2000mm (2200mm,2400mm or 3000mm)
900mm x 2000mm (2200mm,2400mm or 3000mm)
1200mm x 2000mm (2200mm,2400mm or 3000mm)
1500mm x 2000mm (2200mm,2400mm or 3000mm)
Other sizes are also available for requirements.

Packing: Plywood box or wooden box.