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Stainless Steel Security Mesh

General offers you the innovative product, a unique, almost transparent, security screen of the highest manufacturing and aesthetic quality.

General provides the ultimate in security strength through its use of woven stainless steel mesh that still allows clear views and breezes to pass through.

Uses: Used in producing security screen that guards your house against theft. This kind of woven security screen was submitted to Australian Engineering Laboratories, for testing.

Perfect flat surface is easy to intall;
Black power coated;
Beautiful finish, equal aperture and no faults;
Ultra-clear visual experience and protective security.

1. stainless steel security mesh(AISI 316 or 304)
2. galvanized steel security mesh
3. perfoated aluminum mesh

Surface treatment: powder coated black,white,green or blue.Other colors are also available.

Specification: 11mesh x 0.8mm

Guarantee: Ten Years.

750mm x 2000mm (2400mm)
900mm x 2000mm (2400mm)
1200mm x 2000mm (2400mm)

Packing:Multiple board case.


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